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ABOUT Mike  Farabee

Since first encountering clay in 1997, I remain  fascinated by textures in Nature: pollen grain surfaces seen under an electron microscope, repeating patterns of mineral crystals, cross bedding patterns seen in sanstones around Arizona, skin patterns on reptiles, growth patterns of coral, well, you get the point. Clay allows me to employ various texturing techniques on surfaces. That these textures can be applied to the surface of a functional vessel that we can use and admire every day is a great addition to my satisfaction with clay. 

ABOUT Anne Rasmussen

My ceramics education is not entirely a traditional one.  I began under the guidance of Luis Baiz at Phoenix College and continued by attending classes and workshops taught by Jon Higuchi, Don Ridley, Seth Rainville, Bennett Bean, Tom Coleman, Robin Hopper, Steven Hill, Chris Gustin, among others.  Ceramics, like any other art form, is a constant learning process.  The point of the journey is not to arrive.  I continue my learning process teaching ceramics classes at the Phoenix Art Center under resident artist Don Ridley.


I continue to be influenced by nature and Asia.  Since 1995, I have been fortunate enough to travel to China many times as well as Nepal, Mongolia, the Philippines, Peru, Denmark, Belize, Mexico,French Polynesia and the islands of the Bahamas, both as a traveler and volunteer for various research projects. 



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